Webful PasswordMaker

An app.

Makes secure, unique-per-site passwords.

Uses this established, portable protocol.

Works offline. No central database to get hacked. Good for these reasons.

Free. Open source. Available now.

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Getting Your Settings Right

You should check out the Settings before using the app for all your passwords, as it's a bit messy to change them later.

Here's what they do:

What About Desktop?

Because the Webful app follows the existing PasswordMaker protocol, you've got options outside the mobile world too, including desktop browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. There will probably be a web version of the app soon too, similar to this but with the simplified interface of the Webful mobile app.


The PasswordMaker app sends no data to our servers, or anyone else's, except as required by your phone vendor.

As the password making is deterministic we don't actually need a server, so nothing leaves your phone.

There are no accounts and nothing tracking your usage.


The app is pretty simple for now, favouring ease of use over making passwords fit with every single site's rules. If there's demand for them we could add some of the more complicated options found in some of the older PasswordMaker apps out there. Get in touch if you have any ideas!


I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please email passwordmaker@webful.uk